Oracle Java SE CVE-2014-6562 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle Java SE CVE-2014-6457 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle Java SE CVE-2014-6512 IP Address Spoofing Vulnerability
[ MDVSA-2014:209 ] java-1.7.0-openjdk
[ MDVSA-2014:208 ] phpmyadmin
[ MDVSA-2014:207 ] ejabberd
[ MDVSA-2014:206 ] ctags

Cellular communications provider Verizon Wireless is adding cookie-like tokens to Web requests traveling over its network. These tokens are being used to build a detailed picture of users’ interests and to help clients tailor advertisements, according to researchers and Verizon’s own documentation.

The profiling, part of Verizon’s Precision Market Insights division, kicked off more than two years ago and expanded to cover all Verizon Wireless subscribers as part of the company’s Relevant Mobile Advertising service. It appends a per-device token known as the Unique Identifier Header (UIDH) to each Web request sent through its cellular network from a particular mobile device, allowing Verizon to link a website visitor to its own internal profiles. The service aims to allow client websites to target advertising at specific segments of the consumer market.

While the company started piloting the service two years ago, privacy experts only began warning of the issue this week, arguing that the service is essentially tracking users and that companies paid for a fundamental service that should not be using the data for secondary purposes.

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[SECURITY] [DSA 3055-1] pidgin security update
PHP 'exif_thumbnail()' Function Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
[KIS-2014-11] TestLink <= 1.9.12 (execSetResults.php) PHP Object Injection Vulnerability
[ MDVSA-2014:205 ] lua
[slackware-security] pidgin (SSA:2014-296-02)
[ MDVSA-2014:202 ] php
APPLE-SA-2014-10-22-1 QuickTime 7.7.6

I wanted to perform a little unscientific information gathering, Im working with a small group who think theyre being specifically targeted by these, while I think its more widespread and opportunitistic. If youve recently received these no content probe emails, or a simple Hi message, please send a simple comment below in this format:

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Pidgin CVE-2014-3695 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Pidgin CVE-2014-3696 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Pidgin XMPP Protocol 'stringprep()' Function Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Pidgin CVE-2014-3694 SSL Certificate Validation Security Bypass Vulnerability
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A number of items for your consideration today, readers. Thanks as always to our own Rob VandenBrink for pointing out a number of these.

In case you missed it, Whats New in Windows PowerShell.

A new Snort release is available: Snort 2.97.

VMWare has released a security advisory: VMSA-2014-0011 - VMware vSphere Data Protection product update addresses a critical information disclosure vulnerability.

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